§161 Marcus Gora

Marcus Gora

(0161) Text: Marcus Gora | f(ilius) sig(nifer) c(o)h(ortis) I Asca- | lonit(anorum) Ɔ Claudi- | ani, mil(itavit) ann(is) | XXV, vix(it) an(nis) | L, domo He- | mesa. | H(ic) s(itus) e(st).

Translation: Marcus son of Gora, standard bearer of cohors I Ascalonitanorum, the century of Claudianus, saw military service for 25 years and lived 50 years, had his home in Homs. He lies here. (Trans. Fred Baxter)

Commentary: cohors I Ascalonitanorum is well attested in Syria from shortly after the Judaean War (§225) until the mid-second century (§259).

Provenience: Carchemish, Syria (Tell Ahmar, Syria) 70-100 CE

Bibliography: AE 1994.1764; Pierre-Louis Gatier, “Une inscription latine du Moyen Euphrate,” Syria 71 (1994): 151-157.