§162 Flavius Proclus

Flavius Proculus

(0162) Text: Flavius Proclus | eq(ues) sing(ularis) Aug(usti), domo | [Pi]lodelpia, an(norum) XX | [… stip(endiorum) h(eres) f(aciendum)] c(uravit).

Translation: Flavius Proclus, mounted bodyguard of Augustus, from Philadelphia, aged 20 […] years of service. His heir had this erected.

Commentary: Flavius Proclus was from Philadelphia of the Decapolis. He was a member of the cavalary arm of the praetorian guard and so spent most of his career in the city of Rome.

Provenience: Mogontiacum, Germania Superior (Mainz, Germany) 70-100 CE

Bibliography: David L. Kennedy, The Roman Army in Jordan, 2nd ed. (London: Council for British Research in the Levant, 2004), 120*.