§160 Gaius Valerius Clemens

Gaius Valerius Clemens

(0160) Text: C(aio) Valerio C(ai) f(ilius) | Stel(latina) Clementi | primipilari, | IIvir(o) quinquennali, | flamini divi Aug(usti) perpetuo, | patrono coloniae, | decuriones alae Gaetulorium | quibus praefuit bello Iudaico | sub divo Vespasiano Aug(usto) | patre, | honoris causa. | Hic ob dedicationem statuarum equestris et | pedestris oleum plebei utrique sexui dedit.

Translation: To Gaius Valerius Clemens, son of Gaius, of the tribe Stellatina, chief centurion, member of the Board of Two quinquennalis, priest of the divine Augustus in perpetuity, patron of the colony, the decurions of ala Gaetulorium which he commanded in the Judaean War under the divine Vespasian Augustus, father, set this up as a mark of respect. This man, on the occasion of the dedication of statues of him both on horseback and on foot, granted oil to the people of both sexes.

Provenience: Turin, Italia 73-100 CE

Commentary: ala veterana Gaetulorum is also attested in post-War diplomas of Judaea (e.g., §202, §203, §205), which renders it both the only auxiliary unit verified to both participate in the Judaean War and garrison the province afterwards, but the only auxiliary unit that we can identify as participating in the Judaean War with any certainty! Though Josephus provides detailed information about the role of legions in the Judaean War, he is completely silent on the names of auxiliaries units both during and before the War, instead briefly noting that they were mostly taken from Syria (J.W. 3.67).

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