§37 To Jupiter and Sarapis

To Jupiter and Sarapis

(0037) Text: [I]ovi O(ptimo) M(aximo) Sarapidi | pro salute et victoria | Imp(eratoris) Nervae Traiani Caesaris | Optumi Aug(usti) Germanici Dacici | Parthici et populi Romani | vexill(atio) leg(ionis) III Cyr(enaicae) fecit.

Translation: To Jupiter the Best and Greatest Serapis for the salvation and victory of Imperator Nerva Traianus Caesar Augustus, the Best, with the victory titles Germanicus, Dacicus, Parthicus, and of the Roman people, the vexillation of legio III Cyrenaica erected this.

Commentary: A vexillation of legio III Cyrenaica was present in Judaea during the War of Quietus, though there is no direct evidence of that rebellion extended to Judaea proper, as evidence is almost entirely limited to cities of the Jewish Diaspora.

Provenience: Jerusalem, Judaea 116-117 CE

Bibliography: AE 1895.24; CIL 3.13587; ILS 2.4393; CIIP 1.705*