§163 Lucius Valerius Priscus

Lucius Valerius Priscus

(0163) Text: L(ucio) Valerio Prisco, | Vienniensi, praef(ecto) | bis coh(ortium) duar(um) tertiae | Thrac(um) et secundae | Equitatum, trib(uno militum) leg(ionis) X | Fretensis, praef(ecto) alae | Flavianae, praef(ecto) fabr(um), | loc(us) sepultur(ae) d(ecurionum) publice datus.

Translation: Lucius Valerius Priscus of Vienna. Prefect twice, cohors III Thracum and cohors II equitata, military tribune of legio X Fretensis, prefect of ala I Gallorum Flaviana, prefect of the engineers, buried here and given by the public decurion. (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: Lucius Valerius Priscus served as a military tribune of legio X Fretensis, meaning he was in Judaea for some period of time. Dąbrowa notes that we have little on which to base the date, noting the lack of ligatures (and thus suggestive of early 2nd century CE).

Provenience: Padua, Italia 100-150 CE

Bibliography: CIL 5.2841; Edward Dąbrowa, Legio X Fretensis: A Prosopographical Study of Its Officers (I – III c. A.D.), Historia Einzelschriften 66 (Stuttgart: Steiner, 1993), 72-73.