§34 Ausus Son of Aius

Ausus son of Aius

(0034) Text: ˪ κη᾿ β- | ασ(ιλέως) Ἀγρ(ίππα), | Αὐσος | Αἰου, δε- | κουρί(ων).

Translation: Year 28 of king Agrippa, Ausus son of Aius, a decurion. (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: Both Ausus and Aius are common Arabian names in the Hauran (Sartre). He seems to have been a Batanaean native who served in Agrippa II’s army.

Provenience: Saura, Batanaea (Sūr al-Leja, Syria) 81 CE

Bibliography: IGLS 15.107; AE 2011.1494; Maurice Sartre, “Brigands, colons et pouvoirs en Syrie du Sud au Ier siècle de notre ère,” Anabases 13 (2011): 226-227.