§18 Lucius Obulnius

Lucius Obulnius

(0018) Text: Θεᾷ κυρίᾳ Ἀταργά- | τει | Λούκιος Ὀβ- | ούλνιος ἑκα- | τοντάρχης | σπείρης Αὐγο- | ύστης ἀνά- | θ[ηκεν].

Translation: To Atargatis Kyria. Lucius Obulnius, centurion of cohors Augusta, erected this. (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: Unpublished, provisional text provided by Maurice Sartre (IGLS). Obulnius is an Etruscan name (see Gracey). We can ascertain from his other inscriptions that Lucius served in both one of the Augustan cohorts (likely cohors I Canathanorum Augusta) and the army of the Batanaean king Agrippa II. I have written an article that deals extensively with some of the Lucius Obulnius inscriptions (see Zeichmann), though additional inscriptions have since been published that warrant further discussion. Lucius Obulnius seems peculiarly dedicated to local deities for a man of apparently Italian origin. He also dedicated two to Zeus Kyrios (§14, §17).  Lucius Obulnius erected several other inscriptions see §12, §13, §15, §16.

Provenience: Batanaea (Seeia, Syria) 59-96 CE

Bibliography: IGLS 16.269