§354 Prosenes


(0354) Text: Prosenes receptus ad deum V Non(as) [ma]ias Sa[me in Cephalle]nia Praesente et Extricato II | regrediens in urbe ab expeditionibus | scripsit Ampelius lib(ertus) | M(arco) Aurelio Augg(ustorum) lib(erto) Proseneti | a cubiculo Aug(usti) | proc(uratori) thesaurorum | proc(uratori) patrimoni(i) proc(uratori) | munerum proc(uratori) vinorum | ordinato a divo Commodo | in kastrense patrono piissimo | liberti bene merenti | sarcophagum de suo | adornaverunt

Translation: Prosenes, welcomed to God on the fifth day before the nones of April, at Saurus in Campania, when Praesens and Extricatus were consuls, the latter for the second time. His freedman wrote this inscription as he returned into the City from his campaigns.

Commentary: Christian soldier

Provenience: Rome 1 April 217 CE

Bibliography: ILCV 3332; CIL 6.8498; AE 1999.144; Ronald J. Sider, The Early Church on Killing: A Comprehensive Sourcebook on War, Abortion, and Capital Punishment (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2012), 148*.