§346 Cossutius


(0346) Text: d(is) m(anibus) | Cossutius Eu- | tyches Aureli- | ae Romanae con- | iugi kar(issimae) dulcis(simae) | ben(e) m(erenti) fecit cum | quo vix(it) ann(os) XXVIII | secund(a) Parthica Se- | ver(iana) Faviano Muc(iano) | con(sulibus) III idus April(es)

Translation: To the gods and to the shades. Cossutius, spouse of Eutyche Aurelia, made this monument for his Roman spouse, dearest and sweetest, with whom he lived twenty-eight years, member of legio II Parthica Severana, in the consulship of Favianus and Mucius, 3 days before the ides of April.

Commentary: Found in a Christian cemetery

Provenience: Rome 10 April 201 CE

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