§224 Diploma Awarded in Syria Palaestina

(0224) Provenience: Hebron, Syria Palaestina

Awarded: Syria Palaestina 24-27 Nov 186

Granted: name uncertain: cohors I Thracum

Alae: Antiana Gallor(um) et Thrac(um), Antiana

Cohortes: V [Ge]mella c(ivium) R(omanorum), I Thrac(um) ∞, I Sebaste(na) ∞, I Damascen[o]rum, I Ulp(ia) Galatar(um), II Ulp(ia) Galatar(um), IIII Bacar(augustanorum)

Full Text: [Imp(erator) Caesa]r divi M(arci) Antonini fil(ius) divi Pii nep(os) divi [Hadriani pronep(os) di]vi Traiani Parthic(i) abn[ep(os) divi Nerv]ae adnepos Aurelius Co[mmodus Anto]ninu[s] Pius Felix Aug(us)tus Sar[matic(us) Germ]anic(us) max(imus) Brit(t)an(n)ic(us) [pont(ifex) max(imus) t]rib(unicia) pot(estate) XI imp(erator) VII co(n)s(ul) [V] p(ater) p(atriae) [equiti]b(us) et peditib(us) [q]ui militav(erunt) [in alis II qua]e appellant(ur) Antiana [et coh(ortibus) VII Ge(mella) et I Th]racu(m) ∞ et I Sebaste(na) ∞ et I Da[mascenor(um) et I et II Ulp(ia)] Galatarum et [IIII] Bracar(augustanorum) [et sunt in Syria Pala]estina sub Iulio Lepidiano [leg(ato) quinis et viceni]s plu[r]ibusve stipendi(i)s e[meritis dimissi hone]sta mis(s)ione quor(um) nomi[na subscripta sunt c]ivitat(em) Romana(m) qui eor(um) n[on habent ded]it et c[onu]b(ium) cum [ux]oribus qu[as tunc habuissent a]ut [c]um i(i)s [quas] duxi[ssent] dumta[xat p]ont(ifex) max(imus) trib(unicia) pot(estate) [XI …] co(n)s(ul) V [… equit]ibus et [p]editibus qui militaver(unt) in alis II quae appell(a)ntur Antiana Gallor(um) et Thrac(um) et Antiana et coh(ortibus) VII (Ge)mella c(ivium) R(omanorum) et I Thrac(um) ∞ et I Sebaste(na) ∞ et I Damascen[o]r(um) et I Ulp(ia) Galatar(um) et I Ulp(ia) Galat(arum) et IIII Bracar(augustanorum) et sunt in Siria Pal(a)estina sub Iulio Lepidiano leg(ato) quini(s) et viceni[s] pluribusve stipendi(i)s emeritis dimissi honesta missione quor(um) nomina subscripta sunt civitatem Romanam [iis] qui eorum no(n) haberent dedit et conu[b]ium cum uxoribus quas tunc habuissent cum est civitas iis data aut cum iis qua[s postea] duxissent dumtaxat [sin]gul[is] a(nte) d(iem) V[…] Kal(endas) Decembres [C(aio) Sa]buc[io] Maiore Apro et Valerio Sen[ecione] co(n)s(ulibus) [coh(ortis)] Thra[cu]m [cui praee]st […]

Translation: Imperator Caesar, son of the divine Marcus Antoninus Pius Germanicus, Sarmaticus, grandson of the divine Pius, great-grandson of the divine Hadrian, great-great-grandson of the divine Traianus Parthicus, great-great-great-grandson of the divine Nerva, Aurelius Commodus Antoninus pious, fortunate Augustus (with the victory titles) Sarmaticus, Germanicus maximum, Britannicus, High Priest holding tribunician power for the eleventh time, seven times acclaimed imperator, five times consul, father of the fatherland. He has granted to the cavlarymen and foot-soldiers who have served in the two cavalry wings, which are named Antiana Gallororum et Thracum and Antiana and seven cohorts: V Gemella c.R., I thracum milliaria, I Sebastenorum milliaria, I Damascenorum, I and II Ulpia Galatarum, and IIII Bracaraugustanorum, which are in Syria Palaestina under the legate Iulius Lepidianus, who have after service of 25 years or more, received an honorable discharge, whose names are written below, he grated the Roman citizenship, who did not have it and the right of legal marriage with the women they had at he time they were granted the citizenship, or with those whom they would later marry, of course only with one woman. The fifth/eighth day before the calends of December (=24-27 November) in the consulship of Gaius Sbucius Maior, Gaius Valerius Senecio. Issued to [….]  from cohors I Thracum milliaria, which is under the command of […]. Copied and checked against the tablet of bronze which is fixed in Rome on the wall behind the temple of the Divine Augustus next to the statue of Minerva.

Commentary: Roman Military Diploma. Though this diploma was awarded well after the cut off date of 161 CE, it is included for the sake of completeness: it is the latest known diploma from Syria Palaestina, was the only diploma discovered within the province itself, and all other diplomas precede the 161 CE cut-off date.

Bibliography: RMD 1.69; AE 1976.690; RMD 3 p. 248; CIIP 3827*