§187 Gaius Aufidius Maximus

Gaius Aufidius Maximus

(0187) Text: C(aius) Aufidius C(ai) fil(ius) Q(uirina) Maximus | praef(ectus) cohort(is) III Bracar(augustanor)um | in Iudaea, trib(unus) milit(um) leg(ionis) XII | Fulminatae in Kappadocia, | porticum et zothecas ob hono- | rem pontificates inlatis rei | publicae legitimis HS X (millibus) num(mum) | primus dedit idemq(ue) dedicavit.

Translation: Gaius Aufidius Maximus, son of Gaius, of the tribe Quirina, prefect of cohors III Bracaragustanorum in Judaea, military tribune of legio XII Fulminata in Cappadocia, first presented and also dedicated this colonnade and adjoining room in honour of the pontificate, having contributed the sum of 10,000 sestertii of lawful currency for this purpose. (Trans. Fred Baxter)

Commentary: Gaius was probably a native of Numidia (see Gracey). Cohors III Bracaraugustanorum is first attested in Judaea in 86 CE (§204) and presumably arrived as part of the post-War garrison or perhaps during the War itself. Since he refers to Judaea and not Syria Palaestina, we can ascertain this was erected before 132 CE.

Provenience: Cirta, Numidia (Cirta, Algeria) 70-132 CE

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