§61 Moiragenes the Centurion

Moiragenes the Centurion

(0061) Text: [ὑ]πὲρ τῆς τῶν Σεβαστῶν σωτηρίας [… στρατευσάμενος ἐν] | [Β]ρετεννίᾳ ἑκατονθάρχης ἐπανελθ[ὼν …] | ἐπέ[κτι]σεν να[ὸ]ν Διὸς Ἐπικαρπίου [… Μοι-] | ραγένης Μόλπωνος ὁ αὐτοῦ πατὴρ ἀρ[ετῆς ἕνεκεν.]

Translation: For the safety of the Augustans […] Having served as centurion in Britannia, returning […] he extended the sanctuary of Fruitful Zeus […] of Moiragenes, his father Molpo, on account of excellence. (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: Moiragenes’ name is common in the province Achaea and variations of his father’s name are known there as well. ala I Thracum garrisoned in Gerasa in the late first century, so this inscription presumably comes after the region was annexed to the new province of Arabia in 106 CE, as centurions were not an office in alae. After the annexation of Arabia, legio VI Ferrata was present in the region, which certainly did have centurions.

Provenience: Gerasa, Decapolis (Jerash, Jordan) 106-200 CE

Bibliography: AE 1903.327; Gerasa 42