§57 Gaius Julius Gratus

Gaius Julius Gratus

(0057) Text: ὑπὲρ σωτηρίας | Καίσαρος καὶ τῶν τὰ ἀ- | ληθῆ καὶ συμφέροντα | λεγόντων καὶ ποιούν- | των τῇ πόλει Γάιος | Ἰούλιος Γρᾶτος π(ριμι)π(ιλάριος) | Διογένους υ(ἱ)ός.

Translation: For the safety of Caesar and those who say and do what is true and appropriate for the city. Gaius Julius Gratus, former first centurion, son of Diogenes. (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: Gaius Julius Gratus does not state which unit he served in, but we can be certain it was a legion based on his title of first centurion. There is evidence for a detachment of legio X Fretensis in nearby Scythopolis for some time after the Jewish War, but the city became part of Arabia once Nabataea was annexed in 106 CE – legio VI Ferrata garrisoned Arabia. It is likely he was in one of these two legions.

Provenience: Gadara, Decapolis (Umm Qais, Jordan) 70-150 CE

Bibliography: AE 2002.1547; Thomas Maria Weber, Gadara – Umm Qēs I: Gadara Decapitolina. Untersuchungen zur Topographie, Geschichte, Architekture und der Bildenen Kunst einer „Polis Hellenis“ im Ostjordanland, ADPV 30 (Weisbaden: Harrassowitz, 2002), IS no. 15.