§56 Titus Flavius Pudens

Titus Flavius Pudens

(0056) Text: T(itus) Flavius | Pudens vet(eranus). | Τίτος Φλάο- | υιος οὐε(τρανὸς) λε(γεῶνος) ι᾿ Φ(ρετηνσίας). | μνησθῇ ὁ | γράψας | καὶ ὁ ἀνα- | γεινώ[σ(κων)].

Translation: [Latin] Titus Flavius Pudents, veteran. [Greek] Titus Flavius Pudens, veteran of legio X Fretensis. May the writer and reader remember him. (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: The Latin version of the inscription is far briefer. The social significance of Latin in Palestine is obvious here: the Latin version of the inscription only provides basic information and serves to impress locals unlikely to be able to read it. Even the Greek version has abbreviated Latin transliteration: veteran, legion, Fretensis. The importance of the intelligibility of the Greek version is obvious with his name: he spells out Titus in Greek, but uses a standard abbreviation in the Latin inscription. This approach is fairly common among veterans in eastern frontier provinces.

Provenience: Decapolis, Palestine (Kafr Soum, Jordan) 70-150 CE

Bibliography: AE 1994.1783; SEG 44.1422