§1 Mark Antony

Mark Antony

(0001) Text: M(arcus) An(tonius)

Commentary: Lead sling shot, inscribed with the commanding officer’s name – Mark Antony. Stiebel contends that this occurred during Gabinius’ campaign and is discussed by Josephus in J.W. 1.165 and A.J. 14.86 and Plutarch in Ant. 3.1. Given that inscribed sling shots disappeared from use shortly afterward, the limited period where a Latin inscription might have been used in this context points us to some certainty. An identical sling shot was found in France (§2).

Provenience: perhaps Alexandrium, Palestine (Qarn Sartabe) 57 BCE

Bibliography: Guy D. Stiebel, “’… You Were the Word of War’: A Sling Shot Testimony for Israel,” Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies 8 (1997): 301-307.