§340 Milestone from Cyrenaica

(0340) Text: Imp(erator) Caes(ar) divi | Traiani Parthici f(ilius) | divi Nervae nepos | Traianus Hadr[ianus] | Aug(ustus) p(ontifex) m(aximus) t(ribunicia) p(otestate) II co(n)s(ul) [III] | viam quae tum[ultu Iuda-] | ico eversa et c[orrupta] | erat r[estit]uit | per mil(itum) coh(ortis) […]

Translation: The emperor Caesar son of the late Trajan who vanquished the Parthians, grandson of the late Nerva, Trajan Hadrian Augustus, the high priest, serving as tribune for the second term and consul for the third, has repaved the road which was overturned and shattered in the Judaean revolt. (Trans. adapted from Wikimedia)

Provenience: Shahhat, Libya (Cyrene, Creta et Cyrenaica) 119 CE

Commentary: The destruction mentioned here was the result of the War of Quietus, which extended to Cyrene.

Bibliography: AE 1951.208