§298 Milestone from Judaea

(0298) Text: Imp(eratori) Caesar(i) | Vespasian[o] | Aug(usto), Imp(eratori) T(ito) [Cae-] | sar(i) Vesp(asiano) Aug(usti) [f(ilio)] | L(ucio) [Bassus leg(ato)] | Aug(usti) pr(o) pr(aetore) | leg(ionis) X Fr(etensis)

Translation: To Imperator Caesar Vespasian Augustus, Imperator Titus Caesar son of Vespasianus Augustus, and to Lucius Bassus the provincial governor, erected by Legio X Fretensis. (Trans. Fred Baxter)

Provenience: Jerusalem, Judaea 78-81 CE

Commentary: It is not entirely certain that this is a milestone or if it served a different purpose; cf. §299.

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