§182 Unknown Legate

Unknown Legate

(0182) Text: […]λιον | ι[…]ον[…]ολο[ν χιλί-] | [αρχ]ον λεγεῶνος ξ’, ταμίαν, δήμαρχ[ον,] | [σ]τρατηγὸν δήμου Ῥωμαιων, πρεσβευτὴν | [ἀ]ντιστράτηγον Πόντου καὶ Βειθυνίας, ἀ[ν-] | [θ]ύπατον Μακεδονίας, πρεσβευτὴν Σεβαστο[ῦ] | [Ν]έρουα Τραιανοῦ Καίσαρος Α[ὐ]γουσ[τοῦ Γερμανι-] | [κο]ῦ Δακικοῦ λεγεῶνος ι’, πρεσβευτὴν [ἀντιστρά-] | [τη]γον λε[γε]ωνος ι’ καὶ ἐπαρχ[είας Ἰουδαίας …] | […]λλικοῦ.

Translation: […] chiliarch/tribune of legio VII Geminia, quaestor, tribune of the people, general of the Roman people, proconsul of Pontus and Bithynia, proconsul of Macedonia, legate of Imperator Nerva Traianus Caesar Augustus Germanicus Dacicus of legio X Geminia, legate of legio X Fretensis and prefect of Judaea […] (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: Though the inscription tells us much about the officer’s career, his name is missing. He was governor of Judaea starting 108 CE.

Provenience: Side, Cilicia (Manavgat, Turkey) 108-150 CE

Bibliography: AE 1969/1970.606; Edward Dąbrowa, Legio X Fretensis: A Prosopographical Study of Its Officers (I – III c. A.D.), Historia Einzelschriften 66 (Stuttgart: Steiner, 1993), 39-40.