§172 Jesus Son of Papius

Jesus Son of Papius

(0172) Text: δεκανὸς | Ἰησοῦς Παπίου, | Πεσοῦρις Ἰάσωνος, | Δωσαρίων Ἰησοῦτ(ος), | Σοβτᾶις Αὐλαίου, | Θήδεσις γέδρις, Σαμβαθαῖ(ο)ς Σίμωνος.

Translation: The decurion Jesus son of Papius, Pesouris son of Jason, Dosarion son of Jesus, Sobtais son of Aulaios, Thedesis a weaver, Sambathaios son of Simon.

Commentary: δεκανὸς may also denote either a decurion or a policeman. It is not certain which is meant here. This collection includes Jesus son of Papius’ (also known as Sambathion) tax receipts (comprising §173, §174, §175, §176, §177, §178, §179).

Provenience: Apollinopolis Magna, Egypt (Edfu, Egypt) 71-121 CE

Bibliography: SB 5812; CPJ 2.405*