§144 War of the Jews

War of the Jews

(0144) Text: l s²‘ṯm bn wtr bn ’bgr ḏ-’l frṯ w r‘yw h- ḍ’n s¹nt ḥrb yhd

Translation: By S‘tm son of Wtr son of ’bgr of the lineage of Frt and he pastured the sheep the year of the war of the Jews.

Commentary: Though it cannot be certain, this likely refers to the first year of the Judaean War. The inscription is in Safaitic and so the text is rendered here in transliteration instead of transcription, given difficulties in reproducing the latter (e.g., use of boustrephedon, non-standard characters).

Provenience: stateless desert region (Tall aḍ-Ḍabi, Syria) 66-67 CE

Bibliography: OCIANA #0032947*