§132 Doubtful Reference to cohors Sebastenorum

Doubtful Reference to cohors Sebastenorum

(0132) Text: [miles coh(ortis) …] | c(ivium) R(omanorum) S[ebast(enorum) …] | Treblan[us …] | Rufus s[it t(ibi) t(erra) l(evis)]

Translation: Treblanus […] Rufus, a soldier in cohors S[…] c.R. milliaria.  May the ground rest lightly upon him. (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: The basis for conjecturing “Sebastenorum” is weak. It was never known to be a citizen unit (i.e., civium Romanorum).

Provenience: Bar el-Kharuq, Palestine 100-250 CE

Bibliography AE 1948.151; M. Avi-Yonah, “Newly Discovered Latin and Greek Inscriptions,” Quarterly Department of Antiquities of Palestine 12 (1946): no. 12.