§128 Hadrian’s Aqueduct

Hadrian’s Aqueduct

(0128) Text: Imp(erator) Caes(ar) | Traianus | Hadrianus | Aug(ustus) fecit | per vexillatione(m) | leg(ionis) X Frete(nsis)

Translation: Under the emperor Traianus Hadrianus Augustus had this part of the aqueduct built by a detachment of legio X Fretensis.

Provenience: Beth Hanania, near Caesarea Maritima, Palestine 117-138 CE

Bibliography: AE 1974.656; ICaes.Mar. 52; CIIP 2.1207*; Leah Di Segni, “The Water Supply of Roman and Byzantine Palestine in Literary and Epigraphical Sources,” in The Aqueducts of Israel, ed. David Amit, Joseph Patrich and Yizhar Hirschfeld, JRASup 46 (Portsmouth: JRA, 2002), Caesarea no. 8.