§91 Bread Stamp

Bread Stamp

(0091) Text: Ɔ Auti Lic[i](nius) | Priscus

Translation: Century of Autus, the work of Licinius Priscus

Commentary: Stiebel observes that the name Autus is known in Nabataea, which is where legio VI Ferrata garrisoned immediately before Caparcotna.

Provenience: Caparcotna/Legio, Palestine 120-150 CE

Bibliography: Guy D. Stiebel, “Roman Military Artifacts,” in A Christian Prayer Hall of the Third Century CE at Kefar ‘Othnay: Excavations at the Megiddo Prison 2005, ed. Yotam Tepper and Leah Di Segni (Jerusalem: Israel Antiquities Authority, 2006), 29-30.