§69 Faustus


(0069) Text: Fausto | olium S[…]

Translation: Olive oil for Faustus s[…]

Provenience: Khirbet ‘Arak Hala, Palestine 70-200 CE

Commentary: Khirbet ‘Arak Hala garrisoned both cohors I Thracum milliaria and ala Antiana Gallorum et Thracum. The soldiers apparently developed a positive relationship with the local Jewish population (§75). Olium is probably a misspelling of oleum.

Bibliography: CIIP 3501; Boaz Zissu and Avner Ecker, “A Roman Military Fort North of Bet Guvrin/Eleutheropolis,” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 188 (2014): 301*; Boaz Zissu, Boaz Langford, Avner Ecker and Esther Eschel, “A Graffito Bearing the Name of Trajan in a Cave at Kh. ʾArâk Hâla North of Bet Guvrin,” New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and Its Region 6 (2012): 110-121.