§59 Cohors VI Ulpia Petraeorum

Cohors VI Ulpia Petraeorum

(0059) Text: coh(ors) VI Ulpi(a) Petr(aeorum)

Translation: cohors VI Ulpia Petraeorum

Commentary: cohors VI Ulpia Petraeorum was formed from the royal army of Nabataea once it was annexed as Arabia in 106 CE. Emmaus seems to have been a military colony since the late stages of the Judaean War, when veterans of legio V Macedonica were settled there.

Provenience: Emmaus, Palestine (Amwas) 106-150 CE

Bibliography: AE 1924.132; CIIP 3092; Moshe Fischer, Benjamin Isaac and Israel Roll, Roman Roads in Judaea II: The Jaffa-Jerusalem Roads, BARIS 628 (Oxford: Tempvs Reparatvm, 1996), 156-157.