§44 Priscus the Prefect

Priscus the Prefect

(0044) Text: […] ἥμισυ[…] | […ἀπο]γραφῆ[ς …] | […σ]πόρου ε[…] | [… ἥμι]συ γεί[τονες …] | μο[…]ρ[…]λος | Λειουου ὄμνυμι τύχην Κυρίου Κασίαρος κ[α]λῇ πίστει ἀπο- | γεγράπφθαι ὡς προγέγραπται μηθὲν ὑποστειλάμενος ἐ[γράφη διὰ] | χειροχρήστου Οναινου Σααδαλλου. Ἑρμηννεία ὑπογραπῆ[ς τοῦ] | ἐπάρχου. Πρεῖσκος ὕπαρχος ἐδεξάμην πρὸ ἑπτὰ κα[λανδῶν] | Μαίων.

Translation: […] I, […]los son of Levi, swear by the tyche of the Lord Caesar that I have in good faith registered as written above, concealing nothing. Written by the chirocrista Onainos son of Sa’adalos. Translation of the subscription of the prefect: I Priscus prefect, received this six days before the calends of May.

Commentary: Though the papyrus was apparently intended for Rabbath Moab, it was found at Nahal Hever. Priscus the prefect is also mentioned in §45.

Provenience: Intended for Rabbath Moab, Arabia (Rabba, Jordan), but found in Nahal Hever, Judaea 25 Apr 127 CE

Bibliography: P.Hever 61*