§27 Gaius Atilius

Gaius Atilius

(0027) Text: C(aius) Atili[us C(ai)] | f(ilius) Col(lina) sabin- | us Amasio | mil(es) leg(ionis) V Ma- | c(edonicae), Ɔ Stimini | an(norum) XXV mil(itavit) | [an(nos)…]

Translation: Gaius Atilius, son of Gaius, of the tribe Collina from Amaseia. A soldier in legio V Macedonica, in the century of Stiminus, he served for 25 years […] (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: Gaius Atilius was part of a post-War settler influx encouraged by Vespasian, described by Josephus and evidenced archaeologically on the Jerusalem-Emmaus road. Legio V Macedonica did not remain in Judaea after the Judaean War, so he must have settled Emmaus in the late stages of the War. Amaseia was in Bithynia et Pontus.

Provenience: Emmaus, Judaea (Amwas) 68-70 CE

Bibliography: CIL 3.14155.11; CIIP 3096; Moshe Fischer, Benjamin Isaac and Israel Roll, Roman Roads in Judaea II: The Jaffa-Jerusalem Roads, BARIS 628 (Oxford: Tempvs Reparatvm, 1996), 156; Werner Eck, “Epigraphische Vorarbeiten zu Band IV des CIIP,” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 193 (2015): 262.