§186 Aulus Atinius Paternus

Aulus Atinius Paternus

(0186) Text: D(is) M(anibus) | A(uli) Atino A(uli) f(ilio) Pal(atina) | Paterno | scrib(ae) aedil(ium) cur(ulium) | hon(ore) usus, ab imp(eratore) | equo publ(ico) honor(atus), | praef(ecto) coh(ortis) II Bracar- | augustan(orum), trib(uno) mil(itum) leg(ionis) X Fretens(is), a divo | Traiano in expedition(e) Parthica donis donat(us), | praef(ecto) alae VII Phryg(um), cur(atori) | kal(endarii) Fabratenor(um) Novor(um), | Atinia A(uli) f(ilia) Faustina patri | optimo fecit.

Translation: To the death gods. Aulus Atinius Paternus son of Aulus of the tribe Palatina. Honourable secretary for a curule aedile, honoured as an equestrian, prefect of cohors II Bracaraugustanorum, military tribune of legio X Fretensis, given the the dona militaria by the divine Trajan in his Parthian campaign, prefect of ala VII Phrygium, curator kalendarii Fabratenorum Novorum, Atinia Faustina daughter of Aulus for her father. She did this to her best. (Trans. Christopher B. Zeichmann)

Commentary: Dates are uncertain, but he was tribune of legio X Fretensis during Trajan’s reign. Later he was prefect of ala VII Phrygum, which diplomas attest within Syria Palaestina during Hadrian’s reign (beginning with §210 in 136-137 CE), though the unit likely arrived in Palestine with the Bar Kokhba War.

Provenience: Rome, Italia 117-135 CE

Bibliography: CIL 6.1837; ILS 2727; Edward Dąbrowa, Legio X Fretensis: A Prosopographical Study of Its Officers (I – III c. A.D.), Historia Einzelschriften 66 (Stuttgart: Steiner, 1993), 67.