§338 Milestone from the Decapolis

(0338) Text: Caes[(ar) …] | Had[rianus …] | pont(ifex) max(imus) [… tribunicia] | potest(ate) XIII co(n)s(ul) III | m(ilia) p(assum) I | α᾿

Provenience: Pella [Pella-Gerasa road] 129 CE

Bibliography: AE 2005.1586; Robert H. Smith and Anthony W. McNicoll, “The Roman Period,” in Pella in Jordan 2: The Second Interim Report of the Joint University of Sydney and the College of Wooster Excavations at Pella 1982-1985, ed. Anthony W. McNicoll, P. C. Edwards, J. Hanbury-Tenison, J. B. Hennessy, T. F. Potts, Robert H. Smith, A. Walmsley and P. Watson, Mediterranean Archaeology Supplement 2 (Sydney: Meditarch, 1992), 123.