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Name Tag

(0114) Text: Ɔ Musi | L(uci) Magi | [second hand] Ɔ Galli

Translation: Of the century of Musus. Property of Lucius Magus. Of the century of Gallus.

Commentary: A remarkable amount is known about this particular legionary on account of the discovery of his panoply, discussed throughout Stiebel’s article. The inscription concerning Lucius’ second century was clearly added later – perhaps he came left the command of Musus in favour of Gallus’ century at some point. The only known instance where soldiers were at Gamla was at its siege in 67 CE, recounted in vivid detail by Josephus (J.W. 4.1-83).

Provenience: Gamla, Judaea 67 CE

Bibliography: Guy D. Stiebel, “Military Equipment,” in Gamla III: The Shmarya Gutmann Excavations 1976-1989. Finds and Studies, ed. Danny Syon, IAA Reports (Jerusalem: Israel Antiquities Authority, 2014), no. 66*.